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Periodontics is a dental specialty that studies gum disease as well as the multitude of treatments options to cure the results of gum disease, such as dental implants. Derived from the Greek words "peri" meaning "around" and "odons" meaning "tooth," periodontics incorporates the treatment and prevention of diseases related to the part of the mouth which surrounds the teeth, including the periodontal ligament, the gums, and alveolar bone. People may be acquainted with the term gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease.

Becoming a periodontist In Fairfax Virginia requires three years of intensive post graduate training after the initial four years of dental school. Thus, periodontists in Fairfax VA are among the most highly trained dentists one can go to for serious gum disease problems. One can find out if they have gum disease through a few simple symptoms. Typically, bleeding or inflamed gums are a sign that your teeth are infected with bacteria which can easily spread, endangering the health of your mouth as a whole. Gum disease can cause tooth and jaw decay, which can lead to anything from bad breath to the loss of teeth. While gum disease may not seem like a serious ailment, recent research has linked it to much more serious conditions, such as heart disease. Currently, 75% of the adult population is affected with gum disease. Thus, gum disease is an ongoing problem and one that requires treatments long after periodontial surgery is performed. For more information, see your dental care professional.

Several factors can lead to gum disease, but your Fairfax Va periodontist can tell you which most likely applies to your specific situation. Crowded teeth, bad genetics, poor nutrition, stress, and even the grinding or gritting of teeth can cause gum disease. Thus, everyone, not just those with poor genetics, are susceptible to these ailments. Proper prevention of this disease are regular brushing and flossing. Furthermore, the best way to prevent gum disease is by attending regular dentist appointments every six months.

For those who have lost teeth and would like implants, your regular dentist will likely refer you to a periodontist in Fairfax Virginia, who can perform surgery to give you dental implants. Dental implants are revolutionary medical devices invented by the Swedish orthopedic surgeon, P I Brånemark, who discovered that the titanium implants became fused to the teeth, allowing the implants to perform as regular teeth. Those who have lost teeth and experience the embarrassment of dentures can utilize this surgery to gain back their teeth through these superb implants that act and perform in the same way that regular teeth do.

Thus, periodontists in Fairfax VA are those who have gone through rigorous schooling to becoming highly trained in treating and preventing issues like gum disease and performing surgeries like dental implants. Additionally, many of them have the skills to become cosmetic dental surgeons in Fairfax Va.

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Periodontists Fairfax Va:Dental Implants

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